Google Forms

Google Forms in the Classroom

I love Google Forms.  Don't let the links below scare you. They are super easy to use and fun to create.  I will take you through how to create a form, view results, etc.  The possibilities for their uses are endless.

With Google Drive, you can quickly create a form or survey, send it to students, parents, teachers, or staff, and keep track of the answers in one spreadsheet.

Since forms are filled out online, there’s no need to enter in results manually. Responses are collected and displayed immediately in a corresponding Google Drive spreadsheet (Sheets) which allows you to sort, analyze, and visualize the information.

You can send forms to anyone - even those outside of your school Apps domain. Respondents can access the form via email, a published web page, or embedded on a site.
Forms also generates an automatic summary with charts, graphs, and statistics about your form responses and can notify you when new responses are submitted.

Click on any of the links to view instructions for Google Forms.

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