Letting Google Work For You

Course Description:  Together we will explore how to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and students efficiently.  Learn how to effectively use Google Apps in an educational context to improve your teaching craft.  You will be guided through Google and have a chance to use yor aquired skills with your students and colleagues.

Class times:  3:15-4:45 in class (Williams Middle School) the next hour to be completed at home or on teacher's own time during the week.

Class materials:  District issued computer.

Day 1:

I would like to get to know a little bit about you.  Please take the short survey.  We will be viewing the results today to learn a little about our class dynamics.  This class will be extremely flexible.  I realize that we all have different comfort levels when it comes to technology, and I will do my best to make sure you walk away with useful tips and tricks to make navigating today's technology a little easier.

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